About us

Meditalia is an Italian company that was founded in 1987, with its headquarters based in Palermo, Sicily. It is responsible for the production and distribution of medical devices. Since its inception, the company is specialized in the national and international commerce of gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy devices, leading to significant and exclusive partnerships with international suppliers. Over the years, our dedication and professional skills have allowed us to excel in the national market, serving both public and private institutions. We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to important values such as reliability, quality, safety, and prompt, comprehensive customer service.

In 2003, following the consolidation of its experience in the field and the expertise acquired in the previous decade in distribution, the company had the opportunity to become a major player in the market. During the same year, Meditalia introduced “Itaflex,” the first line of accessories for digestive endoscopy Made in Italy. This move established Meditalia as the first and only Italian manufacturer of accessories and endoscopy devices, some of which, due to their unique features, were granted patents.

In March 2021, the company obtained a patent for the “LEVIATHAN” cold forceps, which is certified for the resection of diminutive polyps. This development opened up to new possibilities for medical interventions, allowing procedures that were previously considered ineligible, all with the use of a dedicated device.

In October of the same year, Meditalia secured a patent for a groundbreaking device called “NECROLIT”, which was developed in collaboration with the Hospital “ISMETT” in Palermo. This device is specifically designed for pancreatic necrosectomy, and it stands as a unique solution in the market for this particular use. “NECROLIT” not only reduces intervention time but also ensures the safety of the patient.

Furthermore, Meditalia has taken a leading role in adopting environmentally friendly policies. Our commitment to reducing waste production lead to create medical devices using innovative and sustainable materials as alternatives to plastic, in compliance with EU regulations (Directive EU n.2019/904). This eco-friendly approach has positioned the company as leader in the field of gastroenterology. As part of environmental initiatives, Meditalia has introduced a range of biodegradable biteblocks to the market. With the growing experience and increased focus on research and development, Meditalia portfolio continues to expand, covering the entire field of polypectomy and a significant portion of ERCP procedures.