forceps – Leviathan

Meditalia’s Multibite Forceps are versatile and indispensable devices, serving a wide range of applications in various medical procedures.

Our multifunction forceps are meticulously designed with a primary focus on ensuring the highest levels of reliability and security in all clinical situations, including the retrieval of polypoidal formations following the resection of foreign bodies.

Our forceps are engineered to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals across different medical scenarios, providing a dependable and secure solution for their clinical work.

The characteristics of our multifunctional forceps include:

  • Opening of the valves of 1 cm used as a unit of measure to identify the diminutive polyps;
  • The double fenestration has an increased diameter by 20%, optimizing the drainage of liquids;
  • The device has a graduated 1:1 rotation through a dedicated wheel connector in the distal part of the handle;
  • Central section of the bite diameter up to 3,6 mm compared to oval axis;
  • The lateral part of the valves with reduced diameter increases the volume, giving more capacity to the jaw.


ChannelSheathSheath diameterJawsCup shapeCentral cup diameterRotable
MED-209-LEV230 cm2,8 mmTEFLON2,3 mmSMOOTHEDOVAL2,6 mmN
MED-210-LEV230 cm2,8 mmTEFLON2,3 mmSMOOTHEDOVAL2,6 mmY
MED-211-LEV230 cm2,8 mmTEFLON2,3 mmTOOTHEDOVAL2,6 mmN
MED-212-LEV230 cm2,8 mmTEFLON2,3 mmTOOTHEDOVAL2,6 mmY
MED-309-LEV230 cm3,8 mmTEFLON2,6 mmSMOOTHEDOVAL3,6 mmN
MED-310-LEV230 cm3,8 mmTEFLON2,6 mmSMOOTHEDOVAL3,6 mmY
MED-311-LEV230 cm3,8 mmTEFLON2,6 mmTOOTHEDOVAL3,6 mmN
MED-312-LEV230 cm3,8 mmTEFLON2,6 mmTOOTHEDOVAL3,6 mmY