Retrieval basket – BAS

Retrieval basket – BAS

Our line of polyp and foreign bodies retrieval baskets is meticulously designed to deliver outstanding performance, prioritizing the safety of procedures and enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.

These retrieval baskets are engineered to streamline the handling process, providing precise control and a comfortable grip during medical procedures. Meditalia’s polyp and foreign bodies retrieval baskets boast a range of distinctive features that position them as the preferred choice for endoscopy experts such as:


Precision Handling: Our retrieval baskets are crafted to ensure precise and controlled maneuvering, allowing healthcare professionals to perform procedures with confidence and accuracy;
Comfortable Grip: The design of our baskets prioritizes user comfort, making the procedure experience more ergonomic for clinicians, ultimately benefiting both medical staff and patients;
Enhanced Security: We place a strong emphasis on safety, with our baskets we want to contribute to the security of medical procedures, ensuring the well-being of patients throughout the process;
Quality of Care: Our products are geared toward elevating the overall quality of care provided to patients, reflecting our commitment to excellence in healthcare.


By choosing Meditalia’s polyp and foreign bodies retrieval baskets, experts in the field of endoscopy can be confident in their choice of equipment that combines precision, comfort, security, and a dedication to delivering top-quality patient care.

Retrieval basket – BAS


The main features of our baskets can be summarized as follows:

  • Regenerate 360° Rotatable version;
  • Atraumatic ball-tip;
  • Excellent radial force;
  • Memory shape;
  • Catheter in braided stainless steel that guarantees excellent flexibility;
  • 4 wire basket morphology;
  • 8 wire head-net for a safe and quick retrieval;
  • 8 wire version.

In this section you can find the specific characteristics of each reference:

ReferencesWorking lengthChannelSheath diameterBasket shapeBasket diameterRotable
MED-144-BAS215 cm2 mm1,8 mm4/8 WIRE HEXAG20 mmN
MED-145-BAS215 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm4/8 WIRE HEXAG20 mmN
MED-146-BAS215 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm4/8 WIRE HEXAG30 mmN