Endoscopic hemoclip – Sicura plus

Endoscopic hemoclip – Sicura plus

The Endoscopic Hemoclip – Sicura Plus by Meditalia is meticulously designed to simplify application and ensure precise control, providing doctors with a comfortable grip during procedures. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for endoscopy specialists seeking a reliable and flexible solution for managing bleeding during medical procedures.

Endoscopic hemoclip – Sicura plus


This hemostasis clip has several unique characteristics, including:

  • Dedicated Rotation System: The clip features a dedicated rotation system that can be operated through lateral vision duodenoscopes, enhancing the doctor’s ability to control and apply the clip effectively;
  • CE Certified for Duodenoscope Use: It is the only CE-certified clip for use with duodenoscopes, making it suitable for treating perforations, digestive hemorrhages, and prophylaxis against late post-resection bleeding;
  • Multiple Wrapping Bars: The clip is equipped with multiple wrapping bars, which increase the degree of pressure on the gripping surfaces. This design results in better closure and stability, as well as improved tissue grip and performance;
  • Double Opening Span: The Eleven Plus clip is unique in that it has a double opening span in one device. The 11 mm clip, with a 6 mm bar length, opens up to 16 mm through the handle control. This increased span makes the device more manoeuvrable and visible, particularly in areas with limited space, such as the esophagus, sigma, or duodenal knee.

Meditalia’s Endoscopic Hemoclip – Sicura Plus offers endoscopy specialists a versatile, reliable, and innovative solution for managing bleeding during procedures while ensuring precision and control.

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In this section you can find the specific characteristics of each reference:

ReferencesOpening spanWorking lenghtClaw angleChannelSheathRotable
MED-203-CLP11 MM230 CM90°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-204-CLP11 MM230 CM135°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-205-CLP9 MM230 CM90°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-206-CLP9 MM230 CM135°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-207-CLP5 MM230 CM90°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-212-CLP13 MM230 CM135°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-215-CLP20 MM230 CM135°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-410-CLP16 MM230 CM135°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-411-CLP11 MM270 CM90°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-413-CLP16 MM270 CM135°2,8 MMPTFEY
MED-420-CLP11-16 MM (MULTIPLE)230 CM135°2,8 MMPTFEY