Cold polypectomy snare – Fredda

Cold polypectomy snare – Fredda

The Cold Polypectomy Snare-FREDDA is a specialized device designed for the removal of polyps and abnormal tissues. Meditalia has developed the cold polypectomy snare with a focus on ensuring the highest quality, safety, and efficacy during medical procedures.

Cold polypectomy snare – Fredda


These snares have distinctive characteristics that set them apart:

  • Complete Range of Shapes: Meditalia offers a comprehensive range of shapes, including shield, oval, and hexagonal, with three different diameters of 7, 10, and 15 mm, allowing for versatility in various clinical scenarios;
  • 0.3 mm Wire Morphology: The 0.3 mm wire morphology of these snares enables cold resection of polyps, which can help reduce post-resection bleeding, contributing to patient safety;
  • Excellent Memory Shape: These snares are known for their exceptional memory shape, ensuring precise and controlled manoeuvring during procedures;
  • Graduated Rotation: The snares have a graduated rotation of 1:1, with an internal nitinol wire inside the catheter, facilitating effective and efficient tissue removal.

Meditalia’s Cold Polypectomy Snares – FREDDA offer clinicians a reliable and versatile solution for the removal of polyps and abnormal tissues, enhancing the quality and safety of medical procedures.

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In this section you can find the specific characteristics of each reference:

ReferencesWorking lengthChannelSheath diameterLoop diameterLoop shapeRotable
MED-120-COLD230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm10 mmSimilar exactoN
MED-121-COLD230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm10 mmOvalY
MED-122-COLD230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm15 mmOvalY
MED-123-COLD230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm10 mmHexagonalY
MED-124-COLD230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm15 mmHexagonalY
MED-129-COLD230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm7 mmOvalY