Endoscopic injection needles – Injision

Endoscopic injection needles – Injision

Meditalia’s Endoscopic Injection Needles, branded as INJISION, are developed with a strong focus on ensuring the highest quality, safety, and efficacy during medical procedures. These injection needles offer a wide range of dimensions and solutions for specific applications.

Endoscopic injection needles


They share the following key characteristics:

  • External and Internal Catheter in Transparent PTFE: The use of transparent PTFE for both the external and internal catheter allows for a clearer view of the injection fluid, aiding clinicians in maintaining precision during procedures;
  • Sharp Needle: The sharpness of the needle ensures a clean and atraumatic injection, minimizing the loss of fluids and promoting patient comfort;
  • Exclusive Retention Spring: An exclusive retention spring is located in the distal part of the catheter. This feature enables the needle to extend its full length even under the stress of the catheter, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted performance during procedures.

Meditalia’s Endoscopic Injection Needles, INJISION, are a trusted choice for healthcare professionals, offering clarity, precision, and security in various applications.

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In this section you can find the specific characteristics of each reference:

ReferencesWorking lengthChannelSheath diameterGaugeNeedle length
MED-136-INJ 230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm234 mm
MED-137-INJ 230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm235 mm
MED-138-INJ 230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm255 mm
MED-139-INJ 230 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm215 mm
MED-221-INJ 160 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm234 mm
MED-222-INJ 160 mm2,8 mm2,3 mm255 mm
MED-232-INJ 160 mm2,0 mm1,8 mm234 mm
MED-235-INJ 230 mm2,8 mm2,3 mm254 mm
MED-242-INJ 230 mm2,8 mm2,3 mm232 mm
MED-418-INJ 270 mm2,8 mm2,3 mm234 mm

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