Multiaction catheter for necrosectomy – Necrolit

Multiaction catheter for necrosectomy – Necrolit

Meditalia’s Multiaction catheter, Necrolit, is a groundbreaking solution that addresses the challenges associated with necrosectomy procedures, offering enhanced performance and efficiency in tissue removal. 

Our Multiaction catheter for necrosectomy, Necrolit, represents an innovative and indispensable solution for performing necrosectomy medical procedures. Today, endoscopic necrosectomy is the preferred method. However, this approach comes with some significant challenges. The pancreatic necrotic tissue typically has a high consistency and adheres firmly to the cavity walls, making its removal a challenging task. The endoscopic procedure involves creating direct access through the gastric wall to the necrotic area for collection and subsequent mechanical removal.

As a result, necrosectomy sessions tend to be time-consuming, and the need to switch instruments during the procedure prolongs the process, increasing the associated risks in terms of both the procedure’s success and the patient’s overall health due to the invasiveness of these procedures.

The concept behind Necrolit was born from the idea of developing a dedicated device that allows for simultaneous resection and retrieval, thereby saving time and offering a device with superior performance characteristics during the necrosectomy procedure. The multifunctionality of the device is achieved through a double-lumen catheter, accommodating two separate devices, each controlled by its respective handle.



The key characteristics of our Multiaction catheter for necrosectomy include:

  • A Nitinol basket with differentiated elasticity, enhancing its bending capacity for the recovery of a larger amount of tissue;
  • An ultra-stiff loop with a 0.85 mm diameter, featuring a flat internal section and a semi-cylindrical external section, which increases cutting performance and provides a secure grip on tissue;
  • A special ultra-stiff monofilament loop with a high cutting capacity, wire diameter of 0.85 mm, an atraumatic rounded tip, and a design featuring a flat internal section and a semi-circular external section, all of which contribute to improved gripping force on the necrotic tissue;
  • A unique basket in Nitinol with a flattened shape designed to optimize the grip of previously cut tissue.

The use of the Necrolit reduces the following critical issues:

  • multiple long-lasting sessions;
  • prolonged Hospital stay;
  • increased costs;
  • potential consequences for patients.
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In this section you can find the specific characteristics of each reference:

ReferencesWorking lengthMorphologyChannelSheath diameterLoop diameterLoop shapeBasket shapeBasket diameterRotable
MED-200-MUL230 cmMULTIACTION3,4 mm3,1 mm20 mmOVALELLIPTICAL 20 mmY
MED-201-MUL230 cmMULTIACTION3,4 mm3,1 mm20 mmOVALELLIPTICAL 25 mmY
MED-202-MUL230 cmMULTIACTION3,4 mm3,1 mm20 mmOVALELLIPTICAL 30 mmY

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