Polypectomy multiaction catheter – Dianet

Polypectomy multiaction catheter – Dianet

Meditalia’s Multiaction Catheters are meticulously designed to enhance grip and provide superior precision control, ensuring that doctors have a comfortable and secure hold during their procedures. Their versatility makes them the perfect choice for endoscopy experts seeking a reliable and flexible solution.

Polypectomy multiaction catheter – Dianet


Meditalia’s multiaction catheters offer a range of distinctive characteristics that set them apart as the ideal solution for endoscopy experts:

  • multiaction catheter snare + loop net: These catheters allow for simultaneous resection with polypectomy snares, which can be connected to an electrosurgical unit and loopnets for retrieval after resection. This multifunctionality streamlines the procedure and provides versatility;
  • ergonomic handle and double lumen: An ergonomic handle and a double lumen design enhance comfort and functionality during the procedure;
  • hot and cold polypectomy snare: Meditalia’s catheters are compatible with both hot and cold polypectomy snares, providing flexibility in procedure methods;
  • high flexibility of the removal loop: The removal loop offers high flexibility and adequate manoeuvrability during opening, enabling precise and efficient manoeuvres;
  • simultaneous resection capability: These unique instruments allow for simultaneous resection during polypectomy procedures, improving efficiency and reducing the need for instrument changes;
  • rotatable option: Some catheters are available in a rotatable configuration, enhancing the ability to make precise adjustments during procedures;
  • atraumatic rounded tip: The catheters feature an atraumatic rounded tip, which minimizes trauma and ensures patient comfort.

Meditalia’s Multiaction Catheters are a versatile and innovative solution for endoscopy experts, offering a wide range of functions and features to support efficient and precise medical procedures.

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In this section you can find the specific characteristics of each reference:

References Working lengthMorphologySheath diameterDiameter netLoop diameterLoop shapeRotableSnare Type
MED-194-MUL230 cmSNARE-LOOP NET3,1 mm24×45 mm15 mmOVALYHOT
MED-195-MUL230 cmSNARE-LOOP NET3,1 mm30×60 mm20 mmOVALYHOT
MED-196-MUL230 cmSNARE-LOOP NET3,1 mm24×45 mm15 mmOVALYHOT
MED-197-MUL230 cmSNARE-LOOP NET3,1 mm30×60 mm30 mmOVALYHOT
MED-190-MUL230 cmSNARE-LOOP NET3,1 mm15×25 mm10 mmHEXAGONALYCOLD
MED-191-MUL230 cmSNARE-LOOP NET3,1 mm15×25 mm10 mmHEXAGONALYCOLD

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