Stone extraction balloon catheter – Minimize

Stone extraction balloon catheter – Minimize

Meditalia’s Stone Extraction Balloon Catheters are purposefully designed to enhance endoscopy procedures, ensuring immediate and reliable results. Their dependability positions them as the ideal solution for tackling complex clinical challenges.



These stone extraction balloon catheters have several distinctive characteristics that set them apart and make them the preferred choice for endoscopy experts:

  • Triple Lumen Balloon Catheter: These catheters feature a triple lumen design, specifically designed for stone extraction in the biliary pancreatic duct during ERCP procedures;
  • Unique Flat Balloon Shape: The balloon has a unique flat shape that minimizes clutches during retraction, eliminating the risk of bypassing the gallstone. This feature prevents the procedure from being invalidated, distinguishing it from other balloons on the market;
  • Balloon Shape Stability: The balloon’s exclusive flat shape remains stable during retraction, enhancing the precision of the procedure;
  • Durable Material: The balloon is constructed from a mixture of polyethylene and latex, which is thicker than that of competitors. This thickness makes it more resistant, reducing the risk of puncture or tearing during the procedure.

Meditalia’s Stone Extraction Balloon Catheters provide endoscopy experts with a reliable and innovative tool, offering distinct features that improve the effectiveness of stone extraction procedures, even in complex cases.

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In this section you can find the specific characteristics of each reference:

ReferencesWorking lengthChannelSheath diameterBallon diameterGuide wireRapid Exchange System
MED-212-EXT200 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm10/12/15 mm0,025″/0,035″N
MED-213-EXT200 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm10/12/15 mm0,025″/0,035″Y
MED-214-EXT200 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm10/12/18 mm0,025″/0,035″N
MED-215-EXT200 cm2,8 mm2,3 mm10/12/18 mm0,025″/0,035″Y

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