Suction polyp trap – Easytrap

Suction polyp trap – Easytrap

Meditalia’s Suction Polyp Trap is a dependable solution that ensures a secure and efficient suction of polyps.

Easy Trap


The system possesses distinctive characteristics, which include:

  • High-Performance Tube: The system offers high performance during aspiration, facilitating effective polyp removal;
  • Pre-Assembled Container in Position 1: The container comes pre-assembled into position 1, simplifying setup and ensuring convenience;
  • Smooth Container Rotation: The container can be smoothly rotated, allowing for flexibility in use;
  • Adequate Draining: The holed diameter of the system guarantees adequate draining of the aspirated liquids, contributing to efficient and hygienic operation;
  • Conical Connector Shape: The conical shape of the connector eases its insertion into the surgical aspiration unit, ensuring a secure connection;
  • Exclusive Second Lid: The system includes an exclusive second lid designed for transport to the laboratory. This lid can be labelled with the patient’s name and/or file number, enhancing organization and traceability.

Meditalia’s Suction Polyp Trap system is a reliable and well-designed solution for healthcare professionals, offering features that improve the effectiveness of polyp suction and ease of handling during medical procedures.

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In this section you can find the specific characteristics of the reference:

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