Super stiff monofilament mucosectomy snare – Viper

Super stiff monofilament mucosectomy snare – Viper

Meditalia’s mucosectomy snare is a specialized device designed to simplify and enhance the retrieval of mucosal injuries within the gastrointestinal tract. These snares are meticulously crafted to ensure easy manipulation and improved precision during mucosectomy procedures.



They offer the following key characteristics:

  • Super Stiff Monofilament Snare: Featuring a super stiff monofilament snare with a diameter of 0.86 mm, these snares provide stability and increased grip when resecting flat lesions, improving the effectiveness of the procedure;
  • Atraumatic Rounded Tip: The snare is equipped with an atraumatic rounded tip to minimize trauma and ensure patient comfort during the procedure;
  • Graduated Rotation 1:1: Some of these snares are available with a graduated 1:1 rotation, allowing for precise and controlled adjustments during the procedure;
  • Nitinol Wire inside the Catheter: The use of nitinol wire inside the catheter enhances the flexibility and durability of the snare;
  • Internal Section of the Loop with Flat Shape: The internal section of the loop adopts a flat shape, contributing to effective and efficient mucosal injury retrieval.

Meditalia’s mucosectomy snares are a reliable choice for healthcare professionals seeking to streamline mucosectomy procedures and improve the precision and ease of manipulation. These features are designed to enhance the quality and safety of such medical interventions.Inizio modulo

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In this section you can find the specific characteristics of each reference:

ReferencesWorking lengthMorphologyChannelSheath diameterLoop diameterLoop shapeRotable
MED-129-MUC230 cmMonofilament2,8 mm2,3 mm10 mmOvalN
MED-130-MUC230 cmMonofilament2,8 mm2,3 mm20 mmOvalN
MED-131-MUC230 cmMonofilament2,8 mm2,3 mm30 mmOvalN
MED-132-MUC230 cmMonofilament2,8 mm2,3 mm20 mmOvalY
MED-133-MUC230 cmMonofilament2,8 mm2,3 mm30 mmOvalY
MED-134-MUC230 cmMonofilament2,8 mm2,3 mm10 mmHexagonalY